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San Luis Obispo Family Law Attorney Cameron Fernandez is Best Family Law Attorney on the Central Coast.

Cameron Fernandez began working in his mother’s family law office before ever going to law school, while he was in law school, and for several years after law school. Having been fully immersed in California Family Law for well over a decade, Cameron is now the owner of his own family law firm and is regarded by many who know him as one of the very best family law attorneys in California. Whether you need help with a divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, or a restraining order in San Luis Obispo you have come to the right place. Please click on the following links to see what Cameron’s past clients have said: CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

The Most Decorated Family Law Attorney in San Luis Obispo

Cameron is one of the only Family Law Attorneys on the Central Coast of California to receive the prestigious AV-Preeminent Rating by Martindale Hubbell.  This coveted rating is reserved for only the most experienced, knowledgeable, professional, and popular attorneys and is a remarkable achievement for any attorney, much-less one as relatively young as Cameron.  In addition, in 2014 Cameron was recognized by The National Trial Lawyers as one of the Top 40 Attorneys Under 40 years of age.  Cameron has received a Superb Avvo Rating from Avvo and as received their coveted Client’s Choice  Award in 2012, 2013, and 2014 . Cameron is Lead Counsel Rated in both the areas of Family Law and Divorce.  Moreover, in 2014 readers of the Santa Maria Sun voted Cameron Fernandez as Runner-up in the “Best Attorney” category.
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San Luis Obispo Family Law Attorneys Skilled in the Area of Divorce.

Divorces make up the majority of cases that most San Luis Obispo Family law attorneys handle. Divorce involves the legal change from married status back to single and the dissolution of the marital community that resulted from the legal marriage. Cameron Fernandez is the family law attorney you want if you are going through a divorce in San Luis Obispo. Cameron can help you analyze your situation and formulate a winning strategy for proceeding with a divorce while accomplishing your personal goals. For example, is your goal to maintain 50/50 custody of your children in the divorce, or to get full custody? Is your goal to keep your home through the divorce? These are examples of personal goals some individuals might have in a divorce. The reality is that each person who goes through a divorce will have their own individual goals. The key is to have a family law attorney who will take the time to understand your personal goals, and who has the skills to maximize your chance of achieving those goals. Not all family law attorneys are created equal. Family law involves the most important relationships of your life. Make sure you have a family law attorney who is excels at protecting his client’s lives throughout the divorce process.

Child Custody Attorney in San Luis Obispo

It is humbling to consider that a family law judge has the power to determine how much time you can spend with your own children, but that is reality. Child custody cases involve high stakes. You cannot afford to trust your children’s’ future to any old mediocre attorney. If you are facing a child custody situation in SLO you need an SLO family law attorney with a proven track record of helping his clients achieve their goals in relation to their child custody status. Cameron Fernandez has a proven track record of winning child custody cases. Whether you need to establish custody rights, modify custody orders, or you are involved in a potential move-away case, Cameron is the family law attorney you want. But don’t take our word for it. Come in and consult with Cameron. We are confident you will leave his office assured that he is the family law attorney you want fighting for you and your children.

SLO Child Support Attorney

Along with child custody comes child support. To what extent is each parent financially obligated and consequently who pays money to whom? That is the question of child support. If you are in a shared custody situation of your child, make sure your child custody arrangement is proper. An experienced family law attorney can help you achieve your goals pertaining to child support. If you are not sure that your current child support arrangement is proper, come consult with us. We frequently save our clients thousands dollars by helping them dial in their child support arrangements. We can do the same for you.

San Luis Obiso is a Unique Community. Get a Family Law Attorney Who Understands SLO

The community of San Luis Obispo has a personality all its own. SLO is a community that marches to beat of its own drum. If you are looking for a family law attorney in San Luis Obispo get one who is locally experienced, meaning they are familiar with the courts, the attorneys, and the values that impact how family law cases are handled in San Luis Obispo. Cameron knows how family law in SLO is done.

Conveniently Located at 867 Pacific St. in Downtown San Luis Obispo

Cameron has an office in downtown SLO. In the event that you need an attorney for a family law matter, call us to schedule a consultation. Do not delay, as Cameron’s schedule fills up quickly. Cameron can only take a limited number of cases, as he will only take as many cases as he can handle effectively at any one time.

Frequently Asked Questions (Click on the word “Answer”)

Updated: 3/13/17

How Much does it cost to divorce?

What makes certain San Luis Obispo family law attorneys better than others?

Should I represent myself in my family law case?

What Are the different types of possible child custody arrangements?
Answer: Child custody can be broken down into two sub-types: Physical and Legal Custody. The extent of these types of child custody are either sole or joint. For an in depth description of these categories click “Here”

What is the difference between a dissolution and a nullification of a marriage?
A dissolution terminates a valid marriage. A nullification is a ruling that a marriage was invalid and thus void or voidable from the beginning. For a more in-depth discussion click on the word the “answer” link to follow.

What does the concept of “no fault” divorce refer to?
In California, one party need not prove misconduct by the other party as the basis for the divorce. In fact, misconduct by one party is irrelevant to the grounds for the granting of a divorce. The judge merely needs to determine that the marriage is beyond repair. For a more in-depth discussion click on the word the “answer” link to follow.